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A blend of molten natural resin and wax is pressed into the wood matrix under the
influence of pressure. Such pressing in - the technical term is
loading of the wood -
is carried out in a common, for NATwood specially equipped pressure resin injection
reactor of comp. Scholz. The chamber is charged with wood, is flooded with the melted
loading substance and subsequently pressurized. After approximately 30 minutes
the cycle is over.

pressure chamber
The loading substance penetrates the wood from
outside. The penetration depth of the loading mass
depends on the conditions of pressure and temp-
erature and duration. Depending on the type of wood
a penetration depth of 3 - 15 mm is achieved.

The optimum loading conditions must be determined
by testing the type of wood to be employed. How-
ever for many types of wood the loading conditions
are already known.

Physical conditions:
Temperature of melt: 110-180° C
Loading pressure: 2-20 bar
Cycle time: 10-60 minutes
Moisture of wood: less than 18 weight %